Collective Reading December 17-23: Celebrate Your Future Success Now

This week is the winter solstice, and with it comes all the celebratory energy that has been collected through thousands of years across multiple cultures. This week invites you to dig deeper into what exactly you celebrate, and how it applies to you.

Three of Water/Cups reminds you that you are a success in progress. Each cup has a phase of the moon next to it, bringing in the reminder that you are you at every phase of life. From novice to expert, from young to old, you are still the same lovable you that you always are, and you are loved and supported unconditionally.

Can you love yourself the same when you fail as when you succeed? Can you value your time when you are active as well as when you are doing nothing? Your worth is unchanged from moment to moment, year to year. Start acting like you deserve the goodness that you think you deserve when you’ve achieved something big.

Your emotional state is critical to the speed at which you achieve your goals. Prioritize feeling good, regardless of the situation at hand. Did you mess up? Choose to feel good about being aware of the blunder. Sleep-deprived? Choose to feel good about the taste of your coffee. Count some blessings, remember some good times. Just feel good, and keep feeling good until something good happens that gives you more good feelings.

You are learning how to accept good things, and it can be hard to be consistent with–at first. Keep practicing and you will find that it gets easier.

Feeling good is so very important. Aside from helping you to manifest and choose what you want, it also protects you from getting caught up in things you don’t want. Negative energy is high, and it’s everywhere. You can drown in it if you focus too much on it. That outcome does no one any good.

It’s okay to be aware of the problems in the world, but if you cannot fix them, wallowing in them won’t help. The Universe says there will be opportunities to do good and make a difference, but you have to be solid in your own energy first, so that setbacks or delays do not take you out of the game. When you are ready to do something, the opportunity will present itself.

Trust in divine timing, and keep pursuing your deepest desires with a celebratory attitude. One step at a time, one day at a time. In the future, you’ve already won. Now you get to see how it happened. Assume the best outcome and allow it to happen. Everything else is just a temporary plot twist.

A helpful mantra: I release the outcome. I ask to see the highest outcome.

Sometimes we need a little help getting out from under heavy energies, subconscious self-judgment, or energetic interference. Not only is it possible, that support is something we are allowed to ask for–and receive. Book an energy session here and start feeling better.

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