Collective Reading December 3-9: Forgive and Move Forward

Indecision is the one thing holding you back now. What do you want out of life? What do you want in your work, your home, your future?

In the past you felt you had to settle in order to get anything at all, but there is a difference between choosing the best alternative available now and building a future where you get the best alternatives imaginable—when you are ready for them, and without settling. Your ability to manifest what you actually want has gotten so much more potent, because you have clarified what you want in your mind.

In the past, you were hungry and went to a new restaurant. You took one look at the options and told the server that you wanted whatever they recommended, because you didn’t know what was good. They chose what they thought was the best option because you asked them to.

Now you’re sitting at your table, and the server is asking you what you want for this meal. What are you going to choose?

Indecision can come from simply not knowing your options, but it can also come from being afraid that what you want isn’t available to you. Don’t confuse the two. If you genuinely just want to eat something and have no idea what you might like, asking for opinions or allowing someone else to make the decision for you can be valuable, but if you know what you want and are afraid to ask for it, your best options are always going to be unavailable.

The Devil card is showing up again to remind you that what you are working through and clearing in this process is old patterns, attachments, beliefs, and restrictions. Be aware that they can only have lasting power over you so long as you continue to give them power. Two of Earth is saying, “Good input brings good output.” To put it another way, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The quality of your requests directly impacts the quality of your results. If you want the most amazing meal you’ve ever tasted, figure out what that is and ask for it!

Sometimes you have to realize that the menu you’re looking at doesn’t have what you really want, which means you have to go to a different restaurant to get it. The only way your results change is if you make better choices. But in order to consistently make better choices, you have got to get into a better mindset. Believe your right option exists, is available, that you deserve it, and that you can get it.

The bottom line is that you are on the right path. Every step you take gives you valuable results. Sometimes those results are telling you what you don’t want so you can make a different choice and take a different step next time. But you wouldn’t have known you didn’t like it until you tried it. And that’s more than okay.

Forgive yourself. Forgive what happened. This life is about experience, and you are making the choices that are right for you, given everything you have to work with. Are you really doing it the wrong way, or is your best option taking into account something that no one else can see? Replace other people’s judgments with greater awareness of what you actually have to work with.

The Universe loves you unconditionally. It’s time to start loving yourself that way, too.

Sometimes the Devil card indicates blockages that you may need help removing. If there is something you just can’t seem to move on your own, book an energy session here.

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