Collective Reading February 25-March 2: Play Your Part

Your ability to truly connect with others in good faith will be a highlight of this week. “My heart will love again,” is what I’m hearing. But what about your sacral? What about the roots you choose to put down now, knowing the sting of having them severed before? Expanding again takes courage, faith, and reliance on your intuition. You must learn how to trust yourself, take reasonable risks (involving deliberate use of all your faculties together), and be alright with whatever the outcome. Head, heart, eyes, and felt sense (among others) come together to give you a fuller picture.

When we experience a massive disappointment or betrayal, it isn’t the moment it happened that matters. It’s the endless time we spend afterward abusing ourselves, thinking every detail through and fitting them into a false narrative centered around how we went wrong.

Sometimes we encounter darkness simply because it is passing by. In a world of collisions and meetings, curiosity and contrast, we are bound to happen upon something we don’t like from time to time. Not everything we see is something we have to entertain. Sometimes we can let it pass through without resistance and say, “Wow, I am nothing like that. This is good information.”

It’s okay to study things we don’t understand, so long as it stays in its place. When we start to wonder whether we are the thing we saw, it becomes a problem. Your job is to stay connected to yourself and allow everything that is not you to provide the backdrop for who you are. You are not to explain yourself. You are to be seen shining. This is not pride but true humility.

The opposite of narcissism is echoism. Both are unbalanced extremes. Do not hide from the spotlight when it comes around. Stand where you’re supposed to and allow the light to go wherever it will, whether that is on you or not. “All the world’s a stage, and the people on it merely players.” Be your best self, and don’t worry about the parts of other players. You can’t speak everyone’s lines, and yours are irreplaceable. So, too, your role is uniquely made for you, and no one can play it better.

True versatility on this world stage means not depending on the position of the spotlight to maintain your position. No one is center stage all the time, and no one is in the wings all the time. We all move together as one cast, playing our separate parts.

The dark will be dark, and the light will be light. You can interact with all of it, trusting that what you see is accurate enough. Trust your judgment, learn gently from mistakes, and treat everyone accordingly. In this way, you can trust and love again, this time even better.

You were never wrong for having experienced contrast. You are here to explore everything and anything that contributes to your ultimate highest good. It will all end well; enjoy the play while it lasts.

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Have a great week, everyone!

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