Collective Reading February 4-10: In the Meantime, Thrive

You have hit a new level of limitations that you are ready to dismantle. Often when we are expanding, we find ourselves stretching against a wall or box that we have been stuck inside for a while. This could be a limitation placed in a past or parallel life that has so far kept us from the success we dreamed of having. And while it feels frustrating and, at times, overwhelming, trust that you are seeing it because you are getting ready to break through.

Everything challenging that has manifested into your life has done so with the caveat that you have the power to either resolve it yourself or find someone who can do it for you. The concept of a savior is one that has been distorted to mean that the one being saved is somehow less than the one saving, and therefore the one being saved must grovel and act in submission to the one saving. But let’s walk that back.

Someone who is here to help you does not do so with the expectation of your worship or debasement. Your guides do not expect you to give them an offering, nor do the Ascended Masters, such as Jesus or Buddha or Lord Shiva. They see your incarnation as a sacrifice you made to the Universe in the common cause of clearing the darkness and bringing Enlightenment to the Earth.

You are a literal part of god incarnate, and you expect shame for what you have done out of love. No true “savior” will ever expect you to be ashamed of yourself or harm yourself in any way. In fact, doing so makes their offered help harder to offer. They don’t want to feed off you. They don’t need a tax. They have their own connection to Source to sustain them, and they have the wisdom to know when they can and cannot help. If you ask, they will tell you.

By a different token, asking for payment for service in a 3D world is not wrong. When dealing with the need for money and energy stores that are rationed over time, one must give and take in a balanced way. The act of giving and taking in itself is a meditation, designed to undo the scarcity that you experienced. Gratitude is often shown by offering payment, and receiving payment is the other half of that transaction. Energy in the form of money does not come from Earth, but from one’s connection to Source. If you are open to receive, you will receive it. If you designate that money toward your needs, you will attract the service needed that the money energy goes towards. Breathe in, breathe out. Your air is rationed, or else your lungs would explode with the sheer amount of air you inhale over your lifetime, and implode with the force of your collected outbreaths.

The limitations you feel now are centered in fear and hurt. Fear caused by some event or events that convinced you to allow harm into your experience, and hurt when you experienced something other than the unconditional love of the Universe/Universal Love/Source. That these things have happened is not in question. But are you going to sit in those past experiences and continue to draw more of them to you, or are you going to climb out of the cold and dirty tub of water that was once fresh and hot? The past is done. Stop wallowing in it. Leave it be and move on to the next thing.

How do you hold both the reality of suffering and the reality of abundance? How do you recognize that bad things have happened and are ramping up in some places, while also enjoying the wealth and peace that are yours to receive now? The answer lies in being in the right place at the right time.

Stop worrying about the bad. Worry freezes you and keeps you from moving to your next safe spot. If you can help solve something, do so. If you can’t, trust and ask that someone else will. We are working as a team, and that means that there are pockets of well-being and rejuvenation that each member can bask in between tasks.

You are not alone. You just do your bit for the war effort and allow the rest of the team to catch you when needed. Seven of Wind is about wisdom to know the difference between Your Work and Someone Else’s Work, and being mindful of working around the sharp edges softly so as not to cut yourself. Communication is key, and is the antidote to the loneliness.

Remember your joy and put your mind and emotions there most of the time, while allowing yourself to feel the other stuff when needed, for a limited duration. The work gets done over time. In the meantime, thrive.

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