Collective Reading January 21-27: Open The Door

Before now, your interactions with others were dependent on them being a certain way or acting a certain way. More often than not, now, you are interacting based on how you are. This is because when you are centered in your Authentic Self, the vibration you carry outweighs the vibrations of those who aren’t centered. They could be experiencing the situation in an entirely different reality, and you are still allowed to experience it your way.

I’m seeing a total reversal of what some call “codependency,” and it looks good on you. It looks like empowerment, choosing happiness, and getting what you actually want. Nevermind the path to it, or how things look while you work. You are keeping your eyes on the prize, steadying yourself, and finding that your feet stay solidly planted as you reach heavenward.

There is no peace like the one found in stability. It truly does not matter what other people do. You will find others who match your vibration, and they will outpace the influence of the people and places you have either left behind or had taken from you. Let them go, knowing that you have better things waiting for you. In the meantime, you always have yourself.

Usually we hear the platitude, “When one door closes, another opens,” but this time the message is, “When a door opens, the others must close.” Your choices in what you open for yourself preclude the possibility of any other outcome. Make your desires so big in your view that nothing else can gain your attention.

At the same time, be willing to let the outcome change. Once you have named your desire, let go of getting it and focus on the feeling you desire. Then, live in that feeling and allow your world to shift to match it. You cannot feel success and experience failure, and vice versa. Eventually, they have to match up.

So let yourself feel successful regardless of what happens. Let yourself find relief, gratitude, positivity, humor, joy. It doesn’t matter how you find it or what happens. What matters most is the fact that you are happy inside.

Like with a labyrinth, the way out is the way in. We have wound ourselves into the middle of it already. Now all we have to do is unwind ourselves and we will find that we are out where we can breathe again. It’s easy to get there when we offer no resistance, no attachment, no fear. The image I’m getting is that either you can cling to the walls and slow your journey out, or you can keep your hands in and never touch the walls at all.

And if you find yourself experiencing the opposite of what you want, let it be the invitation you need to go inward. There is no problem so big that getting still and breathing won’t help it. You don’t have to white-knuckle the drive. Just keep breathing and keep moving forward. You will get there when you are ready. So open the door you want. It will happen when you are able to receive it.

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