Collective Reading March 17-23: Keep Shifting

When a situation or problem seems impossible to move through, you are called upon to settle yourself. No clear way forward means you have not accepted the reality of what is. This is your first step.

I’m seeing a lot of cooperation, network, and collaboration in this reading, which means that your way forward is through connecting with others.

In order to have good relationships with others you must be available as a healed, balanced person. Unhealed parts stuck in trauma will bring more of the same relationship drama, so you need to wipe the slate.

Your trauma was created in relationship, therefore the healing must happen in relationship. This process is designed to push you out of victim mentality and into healthy self-empowerment, but it often feels like your kryptonite. Know that you are powerful enough for this healing.

I am reminded of the joke about when God created the Earth and humans to live on it, and after a while, Eve comes to him with a problem to solve. God, being this self-absorbed father figure, is pleased to have an opportunity to offer her something big and showy. Eve asks for equality in pay and rights, and for social justice. And God says no, that’s too big, and offers her a unicorn instead.

When we ask for justice from oppressive overlords who designed a system to be unequal, we have one of two options for how that goes: either they will offer something that makes them feel good about themselves, or they will flat-out deny the request and make the asker feel bad for even thinking of it. To get what you want, you would have to trick them into giving it to you against their broader design.

God in the joke is a deity made in the image of the oppressor, and not a reflection of a true creator-god.

Your big healing task this week is to de-deify the power structure that has kept you feeling like you’re asking for too much. Come back into your claim to equal rights. Come back into your ability to interface with people in a fair and balanced way that meets everyone’s needs. There truly is no natural injustice; inequality is not sanctioned by whatever gods created you, and you should never feel guilty for needing and receiving what you need. Stop settling for crumbs.

Understand that when you are in the process of negotiating with an unfair power structure, you will sometimes have to take the best deal on offer while you work toward better. But that is only a stop-gap until you are able to get more.

Be patient, and work on your inner belief in what you truly deserve while the manifestation of your previous belief plays out. The night must shift into daylight when you are moving yourself toward the Sun, but you may still need to take several steps through the darkness to get there.

You are meant to thrive regardless of what is going on outside of you. You are resilient, like a dandelion growing in the crack of the sidewalk. However gradual the shift, or however major, keep shifting, knowing that it will happen as you are ready for it. Do your inner work to be ready.

You will know you are ready when something good happens and you can say, “Yes! I deserve this.” Recognize what good is showing up for you and you will have less resistance to receiving it. If there is resistance to receiving it, be patient and observe it until you find the release.

You deserve to thrive. Keep shifting.

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