Collective Reading March 3-9: Sacrifice Expectations and Be Persistent

Five major arcana in this spread point to some major changes happening. This is part of the path you’re on, and therefore, it is necessary to experience it. If you have recently gone through something traumatic, you may be processing old patterns and old hurts now so that you can reach for better tools going forward.

Because this experience is necessary, it is also doable. Lean on your support network. Reach out before it gets dire. You have learned through other intense periods that it is better to anticipate and plan for your needs than to find yourself stranded on a desert highway with an empty gas tank and a dead phone battery. You survived it before, yes, but it wasn’t pretty.

Maybe you’re not in crisis when you first start thinking of reaching out. Don’t deny yourself the help you know you need. Getting support at the first sign of trouble will keep it from getting bad. Denying yourself help early before was a self-punishment, a replay of neglect you experienced. You thought that since someone else didn’t take it seriously, your needs weren’t serious. You beat yourself up for needing and not getting. You know better now.

You know that you deserve grace, love, and community. You know that you are deeply and irrevocably loved–and worthy. You also know that sometimes a problem seems bigger than it is when you are too afraid to face it head-on. You can get through anything, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Avoid the big issues by attacking them when they are small.

If you are afraid of people letting you down, consider this: the Universe brings you what you need always, but you only accept what you think you deserve. And if the answer is no from one person, that’s a redirection to something better. Keep trying. Keep being optimistic about things happening at the right time, with the right people. Your insistence and patience in pursuit of what you need is proof that you are handling this better, and having more hope than before.

Regardless of how you respond, your response is evidence of where you’re at in your path. Any deficit is merely information on how far you are, like a point on a map. The end is the same, you are the same amazing person who is going to cross that finish line and succeed. It is okay to be frustrated or mess up. Everyone starts at the beginning and ends at the end.

You always have what you truly need available to you. It only seems like you don’t because you didn’t get what you wanted in the exact way you imagined it. Let go of what you think it should be, and embrace what is, knowing that there is always a perfect solution. You are capable of everything you need to do.

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