Collective Reading May 19-25: Don’t Delay Joy

Going inward is called for here. There is so much growth to be had in how you deal with restrictions this week, but you will enjoy it and benefit from it to its full effect if you can become aware of your own truths and allow everyone else’s truths to fade from your awareness.

Your authority, your right to exist, and your right to grounding were never truly taken from you, because they cannot be. But the de facto situation has found you lacking in all of them to one degree or another. And honestly, no matter when you get to the final resolution of your woes, you deserve to live in joy now. The military saying, “You cannot take from, only add to,” explains the technicalities that have kept you from living in abundance. “Yes, but…” is just adding hoops to jump through and delaying the receiving.

I’m seeing this show up not only in the outer world but also in the inner mind. One begets the other, but the one you can control the most is what’s in you. When you can regulate and allow your emotions to pass through in response to a restriction, you can get to the next step of solving the problem more quickly. Acknowledge the problem and how you feel about it, and then say to yourself, “Anyway…”

You deserve a joyful life. The best revenge is a life well lived. You may not be able to remove the sad times, but the average of your emotional states can still be great. If you lose one penny but have 99 left, you have kept the greater share. So, too, if you spend less time dwelling in frustration, you will have more minutes in your day that are full of whatever pleases you.

This is not to encourage spiritual bypassing or emotional bypassing. Your frustrations are still there and still valid. But if you can validate and love yourself through them, you will more easily navigate to the unconditional love that feeds your soul. Acceptance of what is lessens your resistance to things you cannot change.

So keep going, sweet soul. You are not less lovable for struggling. Rather, you need to allow more love in to balance that hurt, and the Universe has plenty of love just waiting for you to allow it in.

-Elihu John

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