Collective Reading May 5-11: Play Some Party Games

This week, we are finding out how to get to yes. So much of your frustration has been wrapped up in how you have handled being told no. No, you cannot always have it your way; no, you cannot always have it easy. That’s not the point. There isn’t as much difference between yes and no as you have been led to believe.

The point of your experiences has been to teach you where your power truly is, and how to interact within a system or community. In doing so now, be aware of how you internalize your perception of cause and effect. Is it truly unfair, or have you been misusing your power and focusing on the opposite of what you want? Victimhood turns to survivorship as you divest yourself of the negative bullshit you were handed, and take back your power. Good sportsmanship is everything right now.

Think of manifestation and opposites like a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You’ve received a blindfold, been spun around wildly, and then felt your way toward what you thought was the right direction. Before putting on the blindfold, you knew which direction you should go. And you still do, deep down.

Your best bet for choosing the direction you want to go in now is to reorganize the information you’re getting. Being blinded and dizzy are not something you can fully remove at this point, but you can let the dizziness fade as you listen for the direction of the crowd around you, take experimental steps, and course correct.

Even if you are having a hard time hearing your guides, your loudest opposition can be useful to orient you to where you shouldn’t go. Triangulate your position and direction from all the useful data you have, and don’t take the heckling to heart. They are just playing a silly game, and you happen to be the center of it at this point.

The Magus reminds you that you have everything you actually need, so apply it properly. Notice that the person on the card is also blindfolded. Their hands are connecting up and down, grounding and inspiration. The table before them holds tools at working level and gives them something to lean against, and their feet are feeling the ripples of energy coming in with opposing tides. Each ripple holds valuable information.

Trust that your path is unfolding in the perfect timing for you. If you haven’t gotten to the success part yet, what small wins have you had? Remember that this is a game, and that enjoying the playing of it is what makes it fun. It’s your turn to pin the tail on now. Even if you miss, you’re getting a turn, and you have people cheering you on. No one is punished for missing the donkey’s rear end, so relax into the moment and enjoy the attention. It is all coming together for your highest good.

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Have a wonderful week, and thank you for being part of this collective!

-Elihu John

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