Collective Reading November 12-18: Keep Moving Forward

Hold your course and keep moving. This week we are witnessing the ending of a very nasty cycle, filled with heartache. The Devil card is all about pulling back the curtain and seeing the puppeteer that has been pulling the strings all along. It’s not getting worse; the corruption is being revealed.

Ten of Wind/Swords says that this is as bad as it has ever been, or ever will be. Release the manifestation. The things you are seeing now are already in the past. The future has yet to be visible, but you can feel that energy if you tune into it. Doing so will make it manifest faster.

Much like the light of the stars we see right now is a picture of them as they were billions of light-years ago, the physical manifestations of our lives and our world are a picture of what the energy of your world was in the past.

Be still, and intentionally connect back in with your God Source. Find the best feeling you can and work from there to get to real enjoyment. Pretending you don’t feel great will make the bad feelings stronger and actually delay your next experience, so don’t gaslight or push it away. Acknowledge your feelings, and find the next closest feeling to lift you, gradually, into a better state of mind/heart.

For instance, if you are experiencing frustration with someone else, find how you are and are not struggling with that same pattern in your own actions. Forgive yourself for not knowing better before now and identify a positive trait to match. Your goal is to see yourself as a being living in duality, with both light and dark present, so that you can see where you are actually doing more good than harm. You can work up to seeing more good and self-empowerment in you, and you can work on letting go of the need to control someone else’s actions so you can be happy in yourself.

Because you have been changing your habits and thoughts, the future is going to reflect that change. While we wait for it to do so, use the current visible world to affirm what you don’t and do want the future to look like.

Be extra gentle with yourself (and others) right now. We are all experiencing an intense shift and we all need some extra kindness. Kindness is not the same as being nice. Kindness is truly seeking and creating the best path forward to everyone’s highest timeline. You don’t have to control others; you just have to manage yourself.

Hold steady while we see more and more into the true nature of what has been going on, and remember that this too shall pass. How you react or respond dictates how quickly you find the solution appearing before you. And remember that you are always on time for your own journey. It needs to be and always is at the right pace for you.

You got this: keep going.

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