Collective Reading November 19-25: Action and Results

The difference between mistakes being a negative versus a positive is in your perspective.

You’ve made mistakes in the past, or watched other people make mistakes, and you experienced suffering in the result. Then you stopped doing things so you wouldn’t feel those feelings. What you didn’t realize was that deliberate inaction is an action that can cause suffering, too.

Let’s imagine that your life is a tree. You were given this tree and told that you must let it grow. Nourishing it may have been a struggle. Letting the rain fall and the wind blow and the sun shine on the tree was something you may have tried to stop in the past. Despite your best efforts, the tree still got some rain, and the sun did come out. The tree survived. You realized that you were working against yourself. Then you decided that it was important to allow these things to happen, because the tree deserved to live. You knew there were some branches that would cause problems in the future, but you didn’t have any other branches to rely on, so you let them grow. You allowed the sun to shine and the rain to fall. And the tree grew. It didn’t look like the tree you envisioned, but every leaf that opened brought more nutrients and provided more shade.

Now, the fruit has ripened and the seasons are changing, you no longer need all the branches that were so essential before. The tree that is not pruned does not grow correctly. The garden that is not tended needs care to correct overgrowth. There is a time and season for everything.

There is so much fear surrounding making “the wrong” moves, but Source doesn’t see it that way. Your Highest Self doesn’t see it that way. Mistakes and actions (including inaction) are just ways to experience the Universe. Suffering is not mandatory. Experience that aligns with your vibration teaches you what you are putting out. So if you are aligned with suffering, you will experience it. If you are aligned with failing forward, you will experience it.

You have come to a zenith, or peak of experience. Now you can look back at everything that brought you to this point and take stock of it. Understanding and wisdom can be made out of any experience. Do not judge yourself so harshly that you cut down the tree. Let yourself grow, and know when to accept less than perfect action.

Your Highest Self wants you to know that even though your refusal to do something wrong made your energy and manifestations grow unchecked, your inaction was an important choice that brought valuable results. Allowing the tree to grow was a better alternative to pruning it incorrectly or underfeeding it, but now it is wild and needs selective pruning. Get out of functional freeze mode. You have enough understanding of what the right moves are now. Don’t let fear hold you back from making the right choices, now that you have access to them.

You are inherently good. There will never be a point in which your tree is deemed unworthy of living. There will never be a point in which you are deemed unworthy of doing the best you can do, when you have the intention to grow, love, and serve. A no is not a condemnation of your good intentions. You are failing forward, and every experience is a priceless gem in your personal journey. You got this. Keep going.

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