Collective Reading November 26- December 2: It’s All Coming Together

“It’s all coming together,” is what I’m hearing. Out of many moving parts, working in harmony, your life is taking shape.

The symbol of the circle is present in every card, pointing to the way your journey comes “full circle” this week–and continues to move in perfect harmony to create more light and more circles. Your path is like a spirograph picture, intricate, delicate, and perfectly aligned.

Be satisfied with the incomplete things. If your journey were complete now, it would be the end of it, and life is a precious gift that goes on for you. You will never find full completion so long as you’re alive.

Maybe that’s why you long for the ending, sometimes. You crave completion and a solid finality. The unknown has been seen as a risk for deviating from the pattern, but it isn’t. You’re not coloring outside the lines, nor is your orbit straying from its course. It’s just more complicated than you initially supposed. You need to separate the hoped-for end result from the bitterness of death. The journey is the destination, and the destination is the journey. You cannot go back to nothingness at this time and be satisfied, because you are meant to experience this contrast now. Your soul craves this experience.

Expect change, knowing that every change that happens is for the better and worth everything it has taken. This is the Hero’s Journey, to come to a place of deep understanding and fierce love of oneself in the midst of every situation. When you are unshakeable in your self-love, you will see love for you everywhere. Allow these last vestiges of “not good enough” and “incomplete” to burn away and reveal the mighty warrior inside. It is time for you to be who you really are.

The celebration of who you really are and what you are here to do can only truly be seen when you lean fully into it and see yourself truly. When you hold the vision, you express your truth with such a loud roaring voice that the world has no choice but to hear it, too. When you feel your own warmth, the world warms, too. The nuclear power that lights stars is within you, burning and roiling with a glory that cannot be dimmed no matter how many light-years of darkness it travels through. No light is ever wasted. When a ray of light goes out without hitting anything, it is meant to go forth and touch the farthest part of the Universe, in due time. You are seen and heard by the far reaches of the known and unknown All That Is.

Shine your light in this world. You are needed. Your light and warmth are necessary. And you are not the only one. Together, we create a paradise to live in now. It’s all coming together perfectly.

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