Collective Reading October 29 – November 4: Keep Your Balance

Four of Water/Cups moves to the guiding card position this week as we discover the answers that were hiding in plain sight all along.

We are leaving the confinements that we thought encompassed the whole picture. Breaking free from existing limits, we create a life that is more in alignment with who we are and what we need and want.

Action is called for here, as well as decision. The safest place to be is on the cutting edge of the blade, because that is where the dross shears away and leaves the gold. When you are in the center, the wind cannot push you off one edge or another because the opposing forces actually help you balance. Whatever it is you hold true on a deep level, stay grounded in it. Allow yourself to stay secure in your truths.

You may experience a change in support system, with some people falling away and others coming in closer. Those who have been offering resistance for the purpose of harming you will be quite dramatically ripped away by their own Karma. I’m getting this image of people begging you to save them, Mufasa-on-the-cliff style, but if you try to hold onto them as they fall off the edge of the blade, you may lose your own footing or get cut. Know when to say no. You aren’t actually the villain; they are.

Boundaries are really important this week. I cannot stress enough how vital it is that you find your calm center, decide what limits you place on people’s access to you, and then firmly honor your boundaries. If your soul is screaming no, but your schedule is demanding a yes, choose your soul. Build your self-trust this week, as it is what you need to succeed. Discipline sometimes looks like allowing yourself to be “a cold-hearted bitch” who doesn’t let people walk on them.

I know that people-pleasing is a hard habit to break when you are leaning on it in a stressful relationship. Break it anyway. Yes, you need things to work out well, but if it’s not honoring your needs, it’s not working out. Be okay letting others down. There will be better opportunities waiting for you.

This is rapidly changing energy. If you need help to shift the problem in a way that is easier to handle, reach out. This help could be in the form of talking with a trusted friend, brainstorming solutions with an expert, or receiving energy work. You are so deserving of getting your needs met.

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