Collective Reading October 8-14: Work in Tandem

There is a beautiful magic about the way we are navigating chaos, choosing the better options, and taking back our personal power this week. We have been so gaslit by those who took our power that we forgot how to feel the very negative emotions that prompt us to enact change, but feeling these emotions is a vital step.

The world cannot keep going the way it’s been going. Resources that are misused deteriorate. We know this. Our awareness of the problem is the secondary cause of our discontent–the first cause being the actual problem, of course. And because there are two causes, there are two needs we must meet in order to really heal.

We must not only have better conditions, we must also feel good. The hardships, Karmic connections, and pain we are alchemizing right now are necessary to resolve in order to live in a more sustainable way. What an amazing opportunity we have to change what isn’t working.

And what a huge task it is. If you feel like you’re just trying to keep ahead of all the things being thrown at you, know that taking one step, one task, one problem at a time is all that is required of you. If you are overwhelmed, it’s showing you where you have too much pressure placed. If you are angry at someone letting you down, it’s showing you where you can redirect your trust and create better boundaries. All of your reactions (emotions) have logic (a story) behind them. Observe and allow yourself space to feel and explore why you feel that way.

In the meantime, when you look at your tasks list, set the intention that the Universe will handle everything you can’t, and allow yourself to be satisfied–really satisfied–with what you contribute to the whole.

You were never meant to control all the pieces, in your current position. Stop putting pressure on everything. It only paralyzes you. Start trusting again and allowing things to unfold how they will.

As you let go of the outcome, the steps, the idea of what you thought things would be like based on previous knowledge, and explicitly trust that it’s all happening in the best way possible, you will see how surrendering to your Higher Self and taking the most efficient way forward is better than carving your path stubbornly. Don’t try to dig through solid rock with a spoon. Flow with what feels right, even if it means admitting that your first idea was wrong.

The Hanged Man is in a pivotal position, identifying the shift needed in order to pass through this lesson. Is it better to be always right about every detail, or to be pleasantly surprised? Trauma says you have to direct everything yourself and always be 100% right. Trust says that being part of the whole picture and shifting your perspective is safe. There is no moral value attached to making honest mistakes.

Trusting the Universe does not mean blind ignorance or refusal to change. A healthy curiosity that fosters communication and growth is also necessary. Working with others who have similar goals is necessary. If you can’t do everything at 100%, and someone is willing to take a task and complete it at 80%, sometimes it’s better to accept their 80% than try to put your 40% into it and only have 60% to put into your other tasks. Work smarter. Accept progress over perfection.

Some helpful mantras:

“This situation is turning out better than expected, and I am finding out why.”

“I’m so glad I finally found what I was doing wrong. Now I can do better and get better results.”

“Making mistakes is part of the process.”

“I forgive myself for not knowing more, and not doing better. I did so well with the knowledge I had. I am proud of myself and know that this chance to try again is a gift I am worthy of.”

“I recognize the efforts of others and give thanks for our common goals.”

“Good enough is good enough.”

“Eyes on the prize.”

“I have more tools and awareness than before, and that changes the outcome.”

“Everything is always working out for me.”

“I give thanks for each golden link in my chain of abundance.”

Take strength in your support network, both seen and unseen. Martyrdom is not noble. Sacrificing hurt feelings and unnecessary drama for healing is. Gratitude will highlight the good and bring more in. It’s amazing how much we and others thrive when we feel appreciated. The guiding card, 4 of Water, tells us that when we are pouring with others, we don’t just add, we multiply how much we can do. When we work with collective enthusiasm and effort, something magical happens: we generate more of it for everyone. It’s like taking multiple magnifying glasses and placing them on top of each other. Focus on gratitude and cooperation.

This is where sacrificing hurt feelings comes in. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. It means seeing and accepting who someone is, and choosing to set proper boundaries so they cannot hurt you while you work in close quarters. It means letting go of their Karma and bringing back your own. Let them have the responsibility for their own happiness, as you hold your responsibility for yours. Everyone’s contributions are brought to light when we work together, which means you get to celebrate and own your own contributions and successes. Gratitude for what they contribute never looks bad on you; expecting gratitude for what you contribute, and holding it for yourself, is fair. It’s not a competition, even if some people try to make it one. Let competition be visible by not participating in it.

If you’re not at peace with what is, you’re not ready for it to shift. Get to that inner peace, and it will shift. Going back to the idea of your two needs, you must address your response to the problem as well as the problem itself. Like comforting a hungry child, you must embrace the discomfort in one arm and reach for the solution with the other. The comfort is just as necessary as the food. Dysregulated emotions make for poor attempts to eat.

You are doing so well with the tools you have, and this experience is going to bring more happiness than ever before because of your efforts. No matter what succeeds or fails, no matter how hard it is, your continued attempt is the success. You deserve to feel proud of you.

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