General Reading for August 13-19: Clearing Connections

The theme of this week is “Locus of Control.” There are things in your life that you have suffered in because of the actions of others, and this has caused you to feel the need to control all of it. This is a trauma response, and a losing battle. The fact of the matter is that you cannot make people do or be what you want them to. You can influence, but part of influential power is knowing what is not yours to command. If you push too hard, the bond will break.

This has happened to you before. Someone exercised so much power in such a way that they hurt you, broke the relationship, and ultimately lost the power they had. Perhaps you drifted apart, or perhaps they enacted unjust power to trap you so they could continue to control you. This heartbreak has colored your relationships ever since.

You cannot change other people. But you can evaluate your own patterns in relationships and change them to better match what is right. You did what you learned was most effective. Now that you know better, more ethical methods of getting your needs met and having relationships, do better.

Let the chips fall where they may. Allow people to walk away or exercise their will. By doing so, you create safety and allow the right people to come to you. This may take time to fully circle around, but it is worth it. You are worth the upgrade because you have invested your will to upgrading. Expect the situation to upgrade with you and let it do so.

As you create a safe environment of mutual consent, send out the signal to attract like-minded people. Ask for everything to be enough through the change, and look for how it is working out. Optimism and pragmatism go hand in hand. Acknowledging where things don’t work doesn’t have to bring pessimism. It can be priceless information for you if you accept it in gratitude and humility.

Your guides want to inform you that true humility is not self-denegration. It is allowing yourself to be loved and lovable, both when you are wrong and when you are right. You are a success in progress, and are valuable at every point simply because you are. And so is everyone else.

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