General Reading for the Week of July 16-22: Believe and Ask

I’m hearing the words, “uprooting a mountain,” and judging by the sheer amount of change that these cards describe (um, hello, The Tower), it makes sense. You are uprooting mountains of habit energy, mountains of misconceptions, mountains of disbelief. You are doing so because this is not the time for climbing or going around the mountains. Anything other than moving them out of the way simply isn’t fast enough or efficient enough for what you are accomplishing.

The numerology of this reading is very encouraging. Sometimes, when we look for confirmation that we are on the right track, we get inundated with 111, 1111, 123, or something along those lines. This week we are in 8-9-10 on the wheel, and the hub of the wheel is another 10. We have The Empress, and The Tower, and on the left the guiding card is the Master card for this deck, symbolizing the Warrior’s Journey to self-discovery and self-mastery. Whatever you have been working towards for the last several years, the Universe wants you to know that you are THIS close. All you have left to do is believe so deeply, and so purely, that you finally utter the words, “Mountain, move over there.” And when you do, it will move. It has no other option. When you believe and feel and act in harmony with all of yourself and the Universe, you are the most powerful being in existence.

This really is your time to tap into that God Source within you and perform miracles. You can because it is right. You can because you must. The Universe wants you to do what you want so badly that it has been giving you years of instruction, preparation, and gifts, in order to help you become the best version of you needed to do this. What you want wants you.

With that in mind, if you feel like you need something else in the moment, ask, and quiet your heart and mind so that you can hear the answers. But again, at this point, your own mountain of worry is what is holding you back, hence the call to move it. You have all the answers and resources you need at your fingertips. Go to the pantry, open the door, and take what you need.

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