General Reading September 17-23: The Power of Desire

This week is a deeper, more peaceful layer of letting go of what you have lost and finding joy in embracing and following what was always meant for you. You are really starting to believe that what is truly yours cannot miss you. It will keep calling until you receive it, because your heart yearns for it, even when you have lost faith and given up.

When are you going to believe how magnetic your desires truly are?

8 of Earth feels like the beginning of a new chapter. When you see the next phase of your life unfolding, it is easier to let go of the old one. The story of your life as it was in the previous chapter becomes uninteresting, even irrelevant. Loss? Bitterness? You don’t know her, because you are dancing in the light of Celebration.

Be sure to take time alone to reconnect with your Highest Self this week, as old things leave and new things enter. Familiarity is subjective. On the one hand, the old feels familiar to your nervous system. On the other hand, the new feels so much more familiar to your soul. Have you ever entered an entirely new place and felt like you have come home? That’s the vibe of this new chapter.

Remember to end old Karmic ties with gratitude and forgiveness. To forgive is to free yourself from something that otherwise would gain strength by your resistance to it. Dark needs Light as a contrast, but Energy simply is. The Difficult is only defined as arduous by something Easy, but the Great Work stretches on endlessly.

You were never truly defined by the hardships that made you choose how you would respond. Yes, hardship forced you to respond, but your soul was where you unlocked the choices you considered. Without that spark of genius within you, the solution wouldn’t even have crossed your mind. And yet, the opportunity to choose gave you growth and galvanized your desires and intentions.

Because we exist outside of this 3D timeline, we exist simultaneously at every point in our linear growth progression. Time is an illusion, a way of making sense of all that we are and all that we have done and will ever do. But remember that the best version of you exists in your darkest hour, and is accessible, should you wish to connect with it. Anything you truly desire is possible.

Do you wish to succeed? You are a success in progress, then.

Do you wish to obtain some item? You are in the process of doing so, even if that process unfolds in an unexpected or indirect way.

Every choice you make is the best choice for your deepest, strongest desires, at any given point. What do you truly want? How do you truly need to get to it?

You are never going to be a failure if you desire success. And if you desire failure, then you will be succeeding in it. Either way, you succeed. So what do you want, and more importantly, why do you want all the things you want, especially the conflicting desires? Could it be you need an experience to know more so that you can decide between two (or more) options?

The duality of your being and your experience is such that you, in all your complicated imperfections and idiosyncrasies, are allowed to choose and experience so, so many things. When you are done being “God dreaming they are not God,” to reference Alan Watts, then all the complications revert to simplicity, and the experience resolves.

If you take nothing else from this reading, let it be an invitation to sit with yourself this week and decide what you really want. If you have any doubts when choosing, you will be given contrast to figure them out. This is a gift, not a curse, so use it wisely, and remember to tread lightly. Don’t take life so seriously. There is no way for you to fail in what you desire.

Mantra: “I am making the choices that are right for me. If it happened this way, that’s exactly how it needed to happen, and I’m finding out why.”

And if you need help, finding it is not against the rules. Everyone needs help sometimes. Everyone has the opportunity to give help, too, if they wish. It’s going to be okay, and we are all in this together. Everything is turning out right for you.

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