General Reading September 24-30: Patchwork Quilt


Consistency is the difference between success and failure, at this point. You caught the vision, started moving pieces into place, and hunkered down for the long haul. This is the stage where you have seen enough hardship now to wonder if you made the right choice.

Nine of Earth shows the goal as a glorious, multicolored quilt. There are pieces you need to change out, for sure, but let’s go back to your core intentions. Did you want something that would make the world a better place? Yes. Do you still want that? Yes. Do you deserve good things and overall success for those intentions? Yes. Are there underlying motives, habits, or perspectives you started with that aren’t working for you, now that it comes down to it? Yes.

Change what needs changing, and stay the course. Let go of your pride, your hurt, your need to be right in order to be safe. Let go of people and places and things that aren’t adding to your core intention. If admitting you were wrong becomes a choice between aligning with your highest good and aligning with what you thought you were supposed to be, choose your highest good every time. It’s okay to say, “I was wrong in this, but I know I’m right to be here, doing what I came to do.”

Show up, even when things look unfavorable. Stay consistent, even as you change your approach and shed the things you thought were fundamental to your vision.

You knew going into this that there were things you were doing incorrectly. You knew that you hadn’t succeeded yet because of them. And still, you felt the push to move forward. So you leaped. And it was absolutely the right choice to do so.

You were right.

The roadblocks you’re experiencing are proof that you’re on the right track. You’re finally uncovering the flaws that invisibly held you back every other time you tried. It was frustrating before because you couldn’t even see what the problem was. But now you do. Revealing the flaws is part of the process. You are doing exactly what you need to in order to succeed.

It’s okay if you don’t have the solution yet. Much like hunting down and unpicking bad stitches, uncovering this problem took a lot of work. Rest, adjust your perspective. Process out your feelings and thoughts so you are once again aligned with your own light. When you feel rested and inspired again, that is when you can solve, but don’t think you are doing nothing before that key moment when everything shifts. You’ve been putting in the work behind the scenes this whole time.

The fact is, you are the Magician. You are the channel through which creation, change, and beauty happen. You are this courageous, strong, resilient creature of light and love and passion. And we need you. All of you. Every single person in this glorious network of Magicians, creating a wonderful place for all of us to exist in love.

It feels lonely sometimes. You have wondered if you’re alone in the Universe. Rest assured, you’re not. You are working on your own beautiful little patch of Universe, bringing light to its dark void in a way only you can. If you could see how each patch connects with every other patch, you would understand the why. Imagine it, for a moment. Imagine the moment your light connects with the light of others around you. Imagine how the whole quilt looks when it finally comes together.

It’s beautiful beyond words.

If you find yourself feeling impatient, remember this: you are worth the time it takes to get to the success at the end. You are worth the help you need.

Often, you already have the tools at your fingertips but need to figure out how to use them. If the Universe is telling you to figure it out yourself, then know that you are creating something new. You don’t need an expert: you are the expert. When you really need a teacher, one will show up.

But don’t forget that you’re a teacher, too. We are beyond needing to pledge loyalty to a teacher in order to hear and consider what they have to say. Each of us is self-sovereign. That’s why we were each entrusted with our own patch in the quilt, our own stretch of darkness in which to shine.

You are creating something amazing. Stay consistent.

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