General Reading September 3-9: Trust Yourself

Welcome to Meteorological Autumn! With fruit ripening and the weather turning cooler, this is a great time to reflect on what you have accomplished during the last three seasons.

You have manifested beautiful opportunities for yourself. With faith, courage, determination, and grit, you decided that what you truly wanted in life was important enough to pursue. You dreamed and worked and left things behind. Now you get to take more steps to make your desires fully happen.

The allegory of the garden is showing up this week. With the attainment of the old (9 of Earth/Pentacles), a new dream began. You dreamed of a beautiful garden full of new, fulfilling options. Choices were called in. Seeds were sown. You had an idea of what you were planting, but until it sprouts you can never truly know what you’re growing.

The Lovers is traditionally a card signifying choosing between two appealing options, binding yourself to one, and creating harmony between yourself and the one you chose. Both options will lead to a long-term commitment and change your path forever. This will change you innately, as you grow together with your chosen path, people, etc. This is big stuff.

The Heirophant card invites you to trust and follow your inner guidance system. Even if you don’t know why you want something or what exactly you need in every aspect, when you set the intention to have everything work out to your highest good, your gut tells you to choose the options that will make that happen.

If you make a choice that gives you something undesirable, it is showing you contrast so that you can change course. It’s okay to explore. It’s okay to move slowly. You don’t have to be married to every choice you make; give it a few dates to make up your mind.

Sometimes a leap of faith is required before you see or know something. When you step into the unknown, you will see many new things. Choose the ones that seem best to you.

A helpful mantra for this moment: I always make the best choices for me.

In the end, staying still is the only option that will truly harm you. Make your choices, honor your mistakes as learning opportunities, and choose to love and accept yourself regardless.

You’ve got this. Keep going. The journey is just as fulfilling and important as the destination.

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