Energy-Integrated Massage

Available add-ons: cold stone, hot stone, pain relief balm, face oil, dry brush, cooling mask

Hands-on, energy-integrated bodywork is a great tool to promote and effect healing. Massage accesses the physical anchor that energy attaches to, helps correct patterns of posture/injury held in the body, and calms and balances the nervous system back into rest and digest. Energy work, including Reiki, makes bodywork more comprehensive by accessing the emotional, mental, and etheric aspects of the whole self. Past traumas, learned patterns of thinking or behavior, and emotional anchors can lower your overall vibration and block your energy. Clearing these blocks leaves you feeling lighter.

It is important to recognize that energy work is work. After the session, drink plenty of fluids. Go for a walk, participate in light exercise, or set aside some time to rest. I recommend at least 90 minutes for a full-body massage and 60-minutes for one area of focus.

Want to make your session even more relaxing? Choose one or more add-ons at checkout. Try the pain relief balm, cold or hot stones, dry brush exfoliation, face oil, or reflexology add-on. Cold stone is excellent for inflammation.