What Is Energy-Integrated Massage?

Reiki and other energy medicine techniques are possible to do without touch. This is called distance work. Thanks to the properties of quantum physics, people and energies can interact without being physically touching, or even in the same place. Much like speaking on the telephone, bluetooth connections, or that intuitive feeling when you know that someone is thinking of you, distance healing connects people on an invisible frequency that can be accessed and sensed with the proper attunement and practice.

When I started practicing energy medicine, I learned the hands-off approach, as well as hands-on Reiki. However, while I enjoy working distance, I found that my skills were put to even better use when combined with massage techniques. I started self-study, based on what worked for me and my friends and family, and decided whole-heartedly to jump into massage school to learn even more. It was 100% worth doing.

Sometimes my client sessions follow traditional strokes, as in Swedish effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, compression, jostling, etc. And other times, they are more about holding space and being present with a past traumatic event. Breathwork, guided visualization, intuitive or angelic messages, and yes, the channeling of Reiki energy are integrated into working with the soft tissues of the body.

Because I have learned a wide variety of tools, and work with divine beings who use even more tools than I do, I have had the opportunity to work with an array of unique and fascinating challenges. I am equal parts excited to dive in, and empathetic towards the frustration, struggle, and pain involved with true healing. I love my work, and I love that feeling when relief finally arrives. There is nothing like going home after a successful session and knowing that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, doing what I was meant to do.

Integrating energy work and massage opens up a whole world of effective therapy. Separately, each modality has a powerful influence on healing, but together, they address the whole self on a deeper level. Book a session and see what I can do for you.