Tarot Readings

Tarot is a valuable form of energy reading, based on drawing cards with the energy that presents in session. You deserve to have a personal confirmation of what is read. I will guide you through the process of asking only the highest sources of information, receiving confirmation, and then we will interpret the cards together based on the questions you need answered.

It is important to note that Spirit sometimes gives pressing messages based on immediate need and the environment surrounding your question deserves explanation so that the answer becomes clear. Tarot is a means of weighing your options, so when I work with you, we will more often than not receive guidance to help you choose, rather than simply telling you what to choose. I work with several decks, based on the general vibe of the message. I also pull from books, pictures, pendulum reading, or other such sources.

Tarot Reading is something that you should feel empowered to practice on your own, so part of my service is teaching you how to get a good reading, clear your decks, and interpret answers.