Client Testimonials

“…I came into the appointment feeling so much anxiety and neck tension and it’s all gone now. El was able to find trauma and tension in my body that I didn’t even know or had forgotten was there…All was individually tailored to my specific needs after doing an intake at the beginning to figure out what I most needed to make the most of the time we had. Would definitely recommend 11 out of 10, and I definitely plan on going back.” -Natanael J.,

“I am very particular with whom I have work on me and El is by far one of the best in knowing exactly what I need and so intuitive with energy healing and spiritual matters that they help clear and bring to my attention so it can be cleared! I highly recommend them and I can’t wait for my next appointment. Having energy work done with the knowledge El has with the body is a win win for me! Truly a gifted healer. Thank you El.” -Cathy L.,

“El is fantastic as a massage therapist and energy healer. They incorporate energy healing seamlessly into their massage therapy. El follows their instincts and energetic healing skills to get right to the root of the problem for long lasting relief. I will definitely go back again!” -Rachel C.,