Collective Reading January 7-13: It Does Matter

The burden of community is the responsibility to defend, protect, nourish, and grow with those we embrace as our own.

We have quite a task ahead of us, those who wish to make this world and this life a paradise. But the scaffolding we have built (and continue to build) to improve our own mindsets, our own ability to grow, and our own tolerance for the hardships of growth, are going to pay off in spades.

You wanted to fix the world since before you could remember. Has it occurred to you that that desire is very worthy, but you have to fix yourself first? The Hermit speaks of going within to find yourself before sharing that pure light with the outside. 4 of Wind/Swords, as well. Rest, that you may show up and show out when it is time. When you are ready, the world will be ready for you, too.

Remember that heartache shows you where you care deeply, and can reveal why, as well. Do not be afraid to feel your feelings. Be sure you have the proper outlet for them so that you can channel your emotions into productive ways forward. It can feel overwhelming to care about something, when you’ve been running away from the sheer power of that care, but the Universe of Love assures you that every ounce of that care is necessary to meet the problems it was created by, and like a rushing river, channeled through the cracks of a dam, your care has the ability to resolve the problems so entirely that you change the landscape forever.

That is what you came to do: create a beautiful new world with beautiful new peace and love and joy and happiness and knowledge, and many more things besides. Why shouldn’t you use all the preparation you’ve been collecting to do exactly that?

You weren’t ready before, but you are now. At least, for this next step. And when you’re ready for more, it will be ready for you, just how you need it.

Your efforts do make a difference. Keep going. It’s working.


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