Collective Reading December 31- January 6: Let Go of Control

Welcome to the new year! This week, we are overcoming any reservations and just going for it. There is this sense of divine timing that will brook no excuses. Be prepared for every attempt to halt progress to be overwhelmed by the momentum, like a stream overflowing its banks.

In other words, what you have been wanting all this time has been coming to you, and if you are afraid of it happening, now is the time to face that fear and choose the good thing anyway. What you want wants you just as badly as you have wanted it. Might as well honor your deep desires, since they haven’t gone away. Closing your eyes and pretending you have no desires is not going to make them actually go away.

No matter how impossible your dreams feel, no matter what evidence there is against them, there is so much more evidence that they are possible. Your blindness to it is serving no purpose. Do you have the courage to open your eyes and truly see?

The Universe has some advice for how to choose truth instead of fear. When you start to ruminate on how your dreams are impossible, stop and go back to the feeling of the dream coming true. If you can find the stillness, you will stop creating resistance, and the Universe will work everything out that much easier. Not everything is in your hands.

You have been so used to the idea that you could ruin everything. Consider the feeling of powerlessness as a sign that making it work is not your job. Start trusting that there are powerful forces on your side doing the heavy lifting. It’s okay to let go of control and just feel peace.

If you are in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions, I suggest making a simple resolution to feel good. If you want peace, feel what peace feels like inside yourself regardless of the situation. If you want success, feel satisfied with what is going right, no matter how small.

“Overthinking is underfeeling.” Get out of your head and honor your heart. Let the rest sort itself out and put your energy into the next right step.

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