Collective Reading December 24-30: Accumulate Success

The image coming up is that of the mythical Labyrinth of King Minos, and Theseus going into the center to slay the Minotaur. You have journeyed into your own labyrinth, facing dark and twisting corridors filled with horrors, and now that you have slain the Minotaur and prevented others from falling victim to it, you doubt your path out.

Any attempts to remain grounded have been met with your fear of what has already happened. Is it still present? Will it happen again? How will you survive it repeating? To which the Universe is saying, “You have already gotten rid of the root problem.” Yes, there are battles to be fought and won still, but let’s look at what you have going for you in all this.

Theseus made his way out of the Labyrinth using a magical ball of string. Your ball of string is the golden thread of abundance that has always been with you. Even in your darkest hour. Stop justifying your fears with all the evidence of the bad things. When you feel badly, your mind wants to fill in the details with reasons as to why. To start feeling good, retell the story of the hard times, using all the good things that happened. Keep practicing gratitude. The fact is that even when you have been at your worst, there has ALWAYS been something to be grateful for. And the Universe has said this a million times if it has said it once: there is a golden thread of good fortune through every experience and every awful thing you remember. The mere fact of your existence now is proof that you have had enough to survive up to this point, and not only that, you have gained. You took this journey for a reason, and that reason was enough to justify the hard parts. Trust that it is more than worth it. But also, you feel bad now because you have needs and wants to attend to. How can you go about doing so?

It’s okay to want something so badly that you eat, sleep, and breathe that desire. Just be sure to check in with why you want it. Let’s illustrate with an example. If you want financial security in order to feel loved, maybe what you want is two-fold, and maybe you’re starting at the wrong end. Somehow, feeling unloved became entangled with feeling financially insecure. Now that you’ve tasted financial security, which you have busted your butt to get (I see you, you amazing human), you’re finding that it doesn’t hold the core of your desire for emotional security. And you may be wondering why you’re unsatisfied still.

Wanting financial security isn’t wrong; it’s part of your birthright. Keep it going, and start adding emotional security to it. You have taken care of yourself when others would not, and you’ve done a better job than they ever did. This is a form of emotional security you have given yourself, in that you promised yourself something and followed through on it. Give yourself credit. Celebrate your win, even in a small and quiet way, alone. A helpful mantra: “I am enough for myself.”

The greatest thing you can do to attract people who will love you the way you need it is to hold that love for yourself and choose to see and accept it as enough–for now. Then pursue meeting this need more, in a way that makes sense, not out of desperation but from a place of confidence, knowing that you have met the surface need fantastically well. Why not add to the accomplishments you already achieved? Why not continue to accumulate good things, since you have already started?

The bottom line is this: you didn’t know what you needed underneath the first need that you met, and now you do, and it scares you to think that it can’t happen. But the only reason you haven’t met it yet is because you didn’t see it clearly. You know more now, and that changes everything. Trust yourself to get more of what you need. It’s going to be more than okay.

Now go be fabulous, and have a great week!

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