Collective Reading October 22-28: Right On Time

This is a week of shifting from one foot to the other, as the ground shifts beneath us. One stepping stone will stabilize, and then the water rises and we have to step up to the next stone.

Think of it like the staircase rising up before you. One step after another rises out of the ocean, before your very eyes. The next step may not be visible under the water when you take your current step up, but it will shift into place in enough time for you to walk forward onto it. This is a Cave of Ali Baba type of magic, where all the elements of your success are working around you in real time to create your path. All you need to do is steady yourself and keep moving forward, trusting that the next step will be there. You are right on time.

Breathe. Trust. Reconnect to your support network. You know them by how they feel to you. If you feel safe, your body will react accordingly. If not, you will feel that something is off. Listen to that and go with it. Now is a really good time to practice all your recent lessons in grounding, emotional awareness, and observing before responding. You are right on time.

Yes, there are a lot of moving parts, but there are only as many as you can truly handle, and they are all timing themselves around your momentum. If you feel overwhelmed, go back to basics. One step at a time. One moment at a time. One right action at a time. No need to rush or go off half-cocked. You are right on time.

Keep your focus on the now, with the future in the background. The steps behind you are swallowed by the rising ocean, which can trigger feelings of loss, scarcity, and fear. But the reality is that everything is happening for good reason, and you don’t need what drops away. Some of those things dropping away are doing so for your protection, and others are simply not in alignment with what is happening now.

You are right on time. It doesn’t matter what you may have missed out on or may not be ready for yet. The whole scene is revolving around you, because it is your own, made of your own desires and design. This path is what you are ready for, and it is ready for you, too. Right on time.

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