Collective Reading April 21-27: Remove Blocks Creatively

The catalyst to your freedom lies in the ways in which you have been unfree. This means that rather than run away from the discomfort, you must find a way to sit with it safely. You may wish to have a professional hold space with you and offer you tools, as needed, or you may wish to take some time to yourself to work it out. Remember that a true facilitator will have good boundaries to keep everyone safe. They will sometimes say no, and that is a good thing.

While you have been denied support maliciously before, you must understand that consent is a universal law, and that people can say no out of kindness, too. As you have been learning by experience, an honest no is better than a dishonest yes.

Honor the no that people give you the first time–including your own. If you feel weird about something, your body is giving you a no. Figure out what it is about, by all means, but honor the no in the meantime. If you push past it to say yes, and then act with a less kind no, the first thing to do is to honor the no. Then you can repair any actions that followed from a place of love.

As an example, if you make plans that you are worried you cannot keep, and then either keep the plans but act resentfully or cancel last-minute, you have pushed past a natural no. Your body is designed to keep you safe, and will often do so by self-sabotaging. Try not to take it personally when someone else does the same thing, as it truly has more to do with them than with you.

Every restriction you have is there because, at some point in your journey, you felt safer with it. Sometimes we place complications in our own way to slow us down, kind of like a runaway truck ramp on steep canyon roads. This includes difficult people, foods or pathogens that make you sick, being too busy, blinders that keep you from seeing someone clearly, and many other things. You needed it, so the Universe provided it.

This week, you are ready to shed some or all of these things. Because you are ready, the Universe provides you a way to do so.

Remember that every path you choose is a valid one to get where you’re going. Sometimes the most direct path is too steep for you. You may zigzag or double back because that is the most direct path for you. Do not judge yourself or others in comparison. Everyone has a different path, and we are all just trying to live our best lives, whatever that means for each of us.

The Guiding Card, Ace of Cups, says that you have everything you need, even if it isn’t clear or simple–yet. Honor your journey, honor your no, and allow yourself to understand your blocks so that you can remove or reorder what no longer serves you. Maybe that runaway truck ramp needs to move off to the side of the highway instead of being on it, or maybe you need to open a savings account and plan to put in a little each paycheck so that more money can flow to you. Maybe you need to change your phone etiquette to have offline hours, or block someone’s number, so that when you do pick up the phone, it is a joyful and connected experience. Be creative when approaching blockages, and you will find that they are your greatest assets.

Everything in your life should feel good to you. Often we build resentment around the limits we have, and then we suffer again and again from that repeated experience. This is unnecessary. There is plenty of freedom, plenty of fun, plenty of everything you need. You deserve to have everything working for you, and it already does so, as much as you allow it to. You are the highest power in your own life.

You’re doing a really great job. Have a fantastic week!

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