Collective Reading April 28-May 4: Take Yourself at Face Value

The longer you wait to allow positive change in your life, the more drastic it will seem when you finally allow it.

Imagine if you grew from being an infant to being a full-grown adult in a matter of weeks. You would change so rapidly that it would be shocking to both witness and experience.

The fact is, you have been changing on the inside all this time, but you haven’t seen the progress on the outside. You’re clinging to the old you, and the old ways, despite the fact that they no longer fit. You’re putting an enormous effort into appearing the way you used to be, trying to fit into your old baby clothes.

If you didn’t feel like people had to see you as this old version of you, it would be easier for you to just exist as you are. But because you are afraid to appear different, you feel it valuable to spend effort on fitting in.

You aren’t the same person as you were when you first met the people you share your life with now. You never truly were, to be perfectly frank. You are who you are, and the only reason you looked like the person you thought you were in the first place is because you’ve been trying on masks.

The more you try to hide behind a mask, the more you will realize just how unfulfilling it is to do so. This emptiness causes you to feel uncomfortable, and rightly so. You were not made to fit in, or to look like everyone else. That discomfort has built up to a boiling point inside you, and you are bursting with the desire to experience fulfillment.

Let yourself grow. You were made to transcend every struggle you come across. Why should you stop climbing, when you continue to come across mountains to climb? The trail stretches on ahead, inviting you onward. Your needs are provided for as you advance.

It’s time to let go of what you think your life should look like, and start living it at face value. It’s time to look forward with curiosity. You are safest when you are moving in alignment with your purpose. Don’t settle in places that were only meant as temporary campsites. When the weather turns, you won’t want to be stuck in it.

You are where you are meant to be, doing what you came to do. This state of chaos is something you came prepared for. You were literally born to blaze a trail through it to peace and prosperity. So remember who you are, and accept yourself unconditionally. In all this change and growth, embrace your truth. It’s the only thing that will guide you right.

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