Collective Reading April 7-13: Confinement

If you expect things to go according to the usual plans, be prepared for disappointment. Thanks to Mercury Retrograde and the eclipse this week, we have the opportunity for a period of rapid expansion, requiring so much more foundation-building and introspection than we can perceive with the human mind.

Stop trying to figure it out from a place of panic. Let the answer reveal itself, like a seed sprouting. As it expands, it naturally unfolds and bursts through its protective shell. So, too, you are naturally unfolding to support your inner growth. It’s okay to let it happen.

This is a time in which your connections are rearranging. If you feel disconnected from people you would normally have an easy surface-level connection with, it is because deeper connections to Source are taking precedence. Continue being pleasant and acting in good faith, offering grace to yourself and others. Remember to work in silence.

The Mountain, followed by The Hermit, recalls the story of Moses going into Mt. Sinai to commune with God and get the Ten Commandments. This was after he had led a whole bunch of people out into the middle of nowhere. He had already had the burning bush moment and followed his passion to free people from a bad situation. He had already done great things and gotten a name for himself doing them.

Sometimes we think that enlightenment or healing is a one-time thing, that we just magically have the stamina and strength to do everything forever after, no need for further care. The fabled Dark Night of the Soul can only happen once, and if we are ever tired or unhappy afterward, we didn’t really heal. This idea is ridiculous. True success and longevity demand regular and measured periods of healing along the way. When one major project finishes, we must take time to rest before starting the next one.

The Sun rises and sets every day. Why do we not believe we must also set for a while?

If you are tired, build in some rest. If you are uncomfortable around people, prioritize alone time. Drop any tendency to please people by over-giving, and enforce some reasonable boundaries. Yes, if you feel you can commit to something, do so. If not, state your intent in plenty of time for other arrangements to be made. You are allowed to say no in a cheery and practical manner. Any shame or guilt that arises is surfacing in order to be cleared.

Now is the time to clear out the clutter and allow your direction to reset. Let yourself rest and imagine the next leg. You will have energy to move when it is time.

Much love to you. This week is going to be great!

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