Collective Reading March 31-April 6: Choose the High Road

This week is a crossroads in which your actions and where you put your energy really matters. Actions are what tell the Universe what you want, not “thoughts and prayers.” If you really believe something, put your money where your mouth is.

Half measures will return half results. Whole steps will give you the speed and distance you need to get to where you’re going. There are only so many eggs to split among all possible baskets. Now is not the time to spread yourself thin.

Sometimes you have the latitude to try a bunch of options, but what if your options are pulling you in opposite directions? Convergence is saying you need to choose one and commit to it. You have seen enough contrast to know what you want by now.

There is so much Earth in this spread, signaling not only the promise of abundance, but also your choice to go to a higher vibrational Earth versus a lower one. The timelines and dimensions of Earth are splitting in a very dramatic way. You have been programmed to fear losing people to this split, and your people-pleasing programming is activating as a coping skill. Know that you cannot pull yourself off your path to stay with someone who isn’t a vibrational match to you and still be well. Abandoning yourself for someone else will bring problems on all levels, to the point where you may not be able to function at all. That’s how wide the rift is splitting open.

Maybe you don’t feel ready for what you truly want. But you don’t get to the top of Mount Everest by accident, and you don’t survive in that big of a climate change without preparation. Trust that if you’re finding yourself in a position to climb higher, you have earned that position. You know what you’re doing, and you have what it takes.

Those you are tempted to follow to lower paths have also put in the hours to get there, and made choices accordingly. You don’t usually know whether they are climbing up or walking downhill, and it’s not your job to push them onto a different path or direction. Sinking to their level will not help, either. If they choose to go higher, they will do so when they decide to, not when you want them to. Don’t try to convince or force anyone to do what is right for you so they will stay with you. This only causes misery, and prolongs the process of spiritual growth. You cannot afford this delay.

Shining as your Authentic Self is the theme of the guiding card, and doing so knowing that you will leave behind anyone who doesn’t vibe with you requires trust in the process, trust in your soul family to show up for you, and trust in yourself. The rewards of this journey are so incredibly worth it, though.

Stay on your path. Keep doing what is right for you. You have work to do and people waiting to meet you further up. These people will never require you to make yourself small; rather, they need you to be your full self and show up ready to be part of the team. They will respect you and require you to respect them. True collaboration is the name of this game, and abundance is what you stand to gain through it.

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