Collective Reading December 10-16: Too Little, Too Soon

Wow! Lots of turning points, beginnings, and connections this week. Here’s your reminder that you are right on time.

It’s no wonder you’re tired lately. You’re moving energy and participating in global changes on the most powerful level possible: individually.

The most effective way to change the world is to change your own frequency, your own baseline. This is happening in the wake of having observed someone, or many someones, say they would change… and simply not doing it. I’m seeing you on the outside, perhaps watching people get divorced, and the one parent seemed to have some control when they demanded change. But you knew it was all external, and not integrated into the real issue. I’m hearing “Too little, too soon.” Not too late, but too soon.

Both parties were in need of some big overhaul, but chose to focus on the problems they saw in each other instead. So nothing really changed.

How permanent are the changes you have seen others try to make when times got tough? You watched them start to feel the consequences of their actions, and only then resolve to “be better” so they wouldn’t lose what they seemed to have. Then, when the panic subsuded, they stopped trying and settled back into their previous habit energy. What a disappointment.

None of this memory is actually about you. And yet, all of it is about you, for the things you witnessed both defined your ideas about how people can or cannot grow, and are defined by your intuitive belief systems and temperament. They were the mirror for what can happen, and therefore the way you think about yourself is intertwined with what you saw and vice versa.

You have a great capacity for growth, beyond what many people allow themselves to experience. Just because you saw others fail to change when things got bad doesn’t mean you will turn out like them. You are on your own path. You are your own person. And the reason they failed was because they only moved when external forces seemed greater than their internal will. In reality, they had a more powerful will to do what they truly wanted. So do you.

If you really want to change and grow, not because of anything outside of yourself (although outside pressure can be a helpful catalyst) you will find a way. If you want to stay stagnant, no storm outside will ever change that.

Figure out what you really want, and who you really are when you are in your highest self. You’re not going to be behind where your energy truly is. You’re far too powerful for that. Just keep taking the steps you need to take when you’re ready for them. Nothing that is truly yours can ever miss you, but you do need to allow yourself to be ready for it. Being ready feels like inner peace and strength, not fear and punishment. The quickest way to readiness is to be at one with where you are and enjoy the journey. It’s all okay.

Have a great week, dear one. You’re right on time.

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