Collective Reading February 11-17: Alchemizing Grief

This week, we are realizing just how full our plates are. And we are invited to make choices.

You can’t hold everything all at once. You can hold higher and diverse perspectives, emotions… consciousness, essentially. Remember that emotional consciousness can either be focused and fluid, or it can wreak havoc by being stuck or chaotic.

What you feel, you manifest, and when you feel something, your brain starts to rationalize it. Unconditional well-being is the key to happiness. It seems ludicrous or insensitive to be happy when something is going wrong, though, which is why you justify it. And justifying it allows for counter-arguments, which then interrupt your well-being.

If you truly want a good life, enjoy a good feeling and let the rest of your life shape itself around it. Life is complex, and multiple things exist at once. One person’s bad day is another person’s best day, and it’s all about perspective. Your shoelace can untie and trip you, and in the next moment your coffee can be paid by the person in front of you who was catalyzed by love to cheer you up. You can either dwell on the shoelace or the kindness of a stranger. There is grace in having human moments, because the contrast gives us opportunities to love.

You can’t rationalize grief or anger away and expect them to disappear. To do so would be to deny yourself access to half of the power that you were born with. Everything that comes to you can be used for the highest good. To do that, love yourself and your feelings so fiercely that every feeling becomes sacred. You were meant to experience the full spectrum of emotions. Your experiences are your color palette in the painting of your life. How you use each color in your picture is up to you. You are the artist.

There are perfectly valid reasons to be upset everywhere you look. Understand also that the best day of your life can happen in the midst of intense suffering, because your mindset is everything. Sooner or later, the heavy things get too heavy to keep carrying, and you have to choose to surrender to unconditional love or face being pulled apart.

You don’t have to brace against having your arms rip off if you just drop the boulder. Your arms will naturally stay attached when the load you carry does not exceed the muscles and tendons. Let go of what you cannot change–and learn where it fits in the bigger picture.

Sometimes, the wisest choice is acceptance of what is, knowing that everything is okay and whole. Move with it. If you deny its existence, it will hit you. It’s like being on the ocean: you can stay on the choppy surface and only see the waves crash around you, or you can dive deeper and find the endless calm. Storms, while violent, are part of the circulation of fresh nutrients. Choose your relationship to the waves according to what feeds your soul.

You were meant for love. You deserve to write your own story, paint your own picture, and free yourself from heavy burdens. When life gets you down, you deserve to find the way back up, and when storms come, you deserve to dive deep and experience calm. The good and bad exist together because we live in duality. Denying the good will not make the bad go away. Embracing the existence of both removes resistance and clears your vision, and then you get to choose what to experience more of. For best results, choose joy.

Does this resonate? Bookmark this page, read up on previous weeks, and check back for the next week’s message.

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Have a wonderful week, and remember to be gentle with yourself.

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