Collective Reading February 18-24: Harmony

The Norse story of Odin hanging upside down from the World Tree to understand the Runes holds wisdom for you this week. It is important for you to get out of victim mentality and remember that everything you come across is something you can use.

An empath will first observe, then take on the pattern of dysfunction and its accompanying symptoms, and finally unlearn and overcome these, becoming aligned with their original Self once more. Empathy is a tool that allows humans to learn from the inside out, but where people often get stuck is in forgetting who they actually are. What was merely a mask becomes their identity. You were never meant to become someone else.

Everything you know about yourself through your experiences is not really you. Who you are is the remedy to the problem. Who you are is indefinable, which is why no words to describe you will ever suffice.

Instead of trying to explain yourself, try being present. Stop intellectualizing and start existing. Stop rationalizing your feelings and start observing them. It’s hard to listen when you’re speaking. On the other hand, speaking in order to connect with others is a valid way. Those who seek healthy connection with you desire to hear what you have to say, because your words have healing behind them.

Not everyone who wants to hear you has the best intentions. Some are drawn to your energy because they don’t remember how to access their own. Be choosy with whom you share what, and why. Craving social acceptance comes from a place of wounding, whereas enjoying the company of those who are happy to be in your presence when the occasion arises allows for people to come and go without friction. You always have you.

Maintain universal boundaries so that no exceptions can circumvent your protections. Boundaries without exceptions are the simplest way and will free up the energy you need to do what you actually want to do, which is to give and receive love.

You do not need. You have everything you allow. Remember to connect with your Authentic Self in all ways, while allowing others to be themselves. Harmony is not unity. This coexistence is a dance of many partners moving on the floor in collaboration. Enjoy this expansion of your awareness, knowing you are whole in yourself.

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