Collective Reading January 28-February 3: Leap of Faith

Collective Tarot Reading composed of  8 cards from the Tarot of the Spirit deck. Guiding Card on the left: The Universe. Central Card: Fire Father. From the top clockwise: One of Wind, Eight of Fire, Water Sister, Wind Mother, Nine of Wind, Three of Fire. These cards describe the cycle of progress found in the theme of a leap of faith.

This week is about taking a leap of faith. It sounds like a one-step deal, but if you look at it, there are actually several steps leading up to that decisive move. Imagine you, on the horse of your momentum forward, charging up to the portal in the central card. It took so much preparation to get close enough to see it, let alone build up the speed and elevation to leap into it. Give yourself some credit for getting this far.

When you get through to the other side, the effort doesn’t end. You will need the strength, concentration, and agility to land on your feet in unknown terrain. Since you can’t really see what is coming next from here, that makes it even more important to maintain equilibrium and reserve stamina. Achieving steady stamina is the first goal. Speed and agility will come with practice.

It is important to remember that you are exactly where you need to be in the process of achieving your desires. You cannot be ahead of yourself, nor would you want to be, because being ahead of yourself would mean being unprepared. Embrace where you are.

It is important to love yourself in all stages of this journey. Become aware of the devaluing that runs around your head rent-free, and put it back in its museum case. Let it be a study-able, inert historical artifact. Self-doubt and distrust of your inner knowing are ancient relics where you’re going. You have a whole world full of (merited) self-confidence ahead. That being said, there will always be new layers to your healing. You will encounter doubt again, but the work you do now to overcome it will prepare you to handle those times. This leap is the preparation for the next one.

I find it interesting that this year is a leap year, all things considered.

The Mother Wound card is showing up, which means that now is a good time to heal the hurt you feel in your divine feminine. Wind Mother is comparable to the Queen of Swords in Rider-Waite Tarot, which is about learning grace through suffering. Be mindful of your emotions and what triggers them. When you identify negative self-talk, set it down and go back to comforting your inner child. Start thinking again when you feel good again, and positive self-talk will be a natural result. Resisting negative emotion reinforces it, so be soft.

Don’t measure your progress by your speed. Sometimes you need to slow down so that you can gather strength. When you’re ready, it will happen quickly. Then you will need recovery time, which is another gathering. This is normal for feminine growth cycles. If you have ever sprouted seeds, you know that the stages of growth are baffling, but the change in size is astronomical. As long as you stay upright in relation to the Sun, you’re on the right track. Any deviation sorts itself out.

Be brave and know you are equal to the task. The tiny seed grows into the giant sycamore. So, too, you grow into your Higher Self. It’s all part of the process, and you’re doing a marvelous job.

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