Collective Reading June 16-22: Rectification

In order for something new to be created, you must first understand enough of what went poorly up until now to make different choices.

Not everything that happened badly in your life was your doing. Much like a child catching a cold in the first week of going to a new school, you simply were not prepared to fight off something you had never encountered before. How could you know what you didn’t know? How could you have immunity to something you had never experienced before?

The virus may not have been of your creation, but now that it’s in your immune system, it is your responsibility to get well.

There is no need to shame yourself for getting hurt. There is no need for blame. Tearing yourself or another person down for succumbing to illness merely adds insult to injury, and makes it harder to recover. Acceptance of what is and compassion for suffering are key.

It is tempting to be afraid of what happened to you or someone else, but fear is only useful when it catalyzes good action. If overused, it results in victim blame, wasted resources, and needless isolation. It is reasonable to wash your hands or wear a mask if you encounter illness. It is unreasonable to yell at someone to try to make them wash their hands or use a mask. Connection and empathy are antithetical to shame and control, and getting someone to do something up to your own standards out of fear either fails to work entirely or comes at the cost of the relationship. This manifests over time and is not easily visible right away to most people.

We as humans learn to shut down our perceptions because we are taught that seeing too much or pointing out what is wrong gets us in trouble. We learn how to remain silent, because we are afraid of the cost of failing. We have a lot to unlearn when we uncover our own intuition and spiritual gifts.

The gift of perceiving truth will ask you to sacrifice the shame and guilt you accepted so that you could fit in with people who wished to hide their own flaws. It will prompt you to pull back and tune out the voices of others so that your own voice is recognizable. The Hermit reminds you that there is authority in being able to hear and speak your truth. Being alone is sometimes necessary, but being lonely is optional.

You are creating light out of darkness, not because you made the dark, but because you have had the raw material to create light handed to you. Never underestimate your ability to alchemize darkness into light. Goodness is born out of the lack of it. You are the secret sauce.

This journey promises success and healing to those who accept it. Just as misfortune happened without you creating it, allow and expect miracles to happen when needed. You have everything necessary. Keep going.

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Have a great week!

-Elihu John

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