Collective Reading June 2-8: Making Peace

There are rainbows and flags all over this reading. This is a confirmation of everything we are doing to stand up and be ourselves, exercise our rights as humans, and live authentically.

Wind Father has a special message this week: in everything you fight for, be sure you are finding solutions where everyone wins. There will always be differences, and championing your cause is right, but success comes in finding harmony. If it feels difficult, it is because you are coming across wounding, aka trauma, surrounding the problem at hand. While your emotions are valid, they may not be fully rooted in the present moment. Give yourself extra time and space to practice self-compassion this week. You’re doing a lot.

With movement forward, there can be a lot of noise. Your goal is to simplify what you can, tune out what you’re not responsible to fix, and keep going. There is so much possibility that it may feel overwhelming trying to pick one next step. The Chariot reminds you that all the choices you feel have potential will lead you where you’re going. There isn’t just one way to do this. Let someone else take the path that is most direct for them, while allowing yourself the path that makes the most sense for you. Again, being different from every other person on the planet is normal. Maybe the scenic route is better sometimes.

If there were no contention or disagreement, there would be no need to make peace. What if you stopped trying to make everything be something it isn’t and instead put your energy into doing what you’re supposed to be doing? You have enough energy to do YOUR job. Steve over there isn’t your problem.

Keep going. You’re doing the work to crawl out of the chrysalis and will soon catch sight of your beautiful wings.

-Elihu John

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