Collective Reading May 12-18: Reconnect to Your Source

With long-term shifts in how we live, think, believe, and act, the continuance of change can feel relentless. Excitement fades as the new becomes monotonous. So what keeps us going now?

Endurance is only worthwhile when we believe in the results. Without that belief in our inner knowing, our minds begin to ruminate on the doubt. What if we were wrong? What if it doesn’t get better? What if what we cannot see doesn’t truly exist?

Doubt is part of the journey. Without it, we cannot use imagination, hope, or creativity. These things cannot exist when they are prescribed. If the story is already written, you have to follow it to the end, but if it is still unwritten, you have the chance to create a new ending, navigate a new course, and be curious.

When you realize that the journey from darkness to light is one journey, and that you cannot have one without the contrast of the other, you must then accept that the things you have been fighting against will exist as long as the light exists–as long as you exist.

This is shadow work at its finest. When the dark is put back in balance, and the fear is vanquished, you can love and appreciate it in safety, knowing that everything is a tool to suit your highest purpose.

You exist for a good reason. Trust that belief until you know. You are capable of making use of the darkness you have experienced and will experience. Trust that when you embody yourself and show up, you will be more powerful than any darkness you encounter.

Imagine your life like a mathematical equation, with all sorts of complicated formulas equal to one simplified answer. You are not the problem. You are a variable that can help solve the problem. If you stop existing, the problem goes unsolved because your variable is missing. But here’s the funniest part, and the part that undoes the last few sentences.

You are equal to the whole equation. Which means that if any part of you is destroyed by the darkness, you will be reborn into the missing variables to complete the equation again. And through many lives, you have done exactly that.

You just don’t die. It doesn’t matter how much the dark tries to kill you, fearing your light. You will be reborn into the equation until the problem is simplified into oneness. Until darkness is once again unified back into light and opposing forces become unified again, you will continue to come back, more powerful than before, more wise than before.

You are both a variable in the unsolved equation and the whole solution, because you exist on all dimensions of existence. When you connect back into the Source of Who You Are, you become one with the solution, and the parts that were depleted or destroyed are replenished.

So when you find yourself exhausted, lost, or doubting, still your mind. Meditate and reconnect to your Source. You will feel peace and power again.

If you need help reconnecting, I have good news. I am putting together a class to teach you how to reconnect with your inner knowing and clear your energy. If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, stay tuned for further announcement.

If you need an energy session to help clear you in the meantime, reach out to to schedule.

Have an empowering week.

-Elihu John

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