Collective Reading May 26-June 1: The Devil You Know

The saying, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” comes to mind.

You have done all this work to uncover the restrictions you didn’t know about, as seen in the Devil card, and now that you see them, it is tempting to run to other ones that you don’t know. This comes from a place of feeling inadequate, and hoping that any other situation would be better than this one. Trust that this exact set of chains are what you need to create success.

Life requires a certain amount of restriction to provide the backdrop for our growth, joy, and experience. You cannot fly without falling. You cannot gain without losing. You cannot create without an empty space to put your creations. Abundance is defined by lack.

Forget flying for a minute. You cannot even walk without falling. The sheer act of walking is described by functional medicine experts as controlled falling. Each step you take is an act of catching yourself as you fall forward. “Faith in every footstep” is a lot more literal than we would like to imagine it is.

You’re so careful and stuck in your head that you sometimes forget to feel. This week is a time to get comfortable with your reactions to seeing what’s behind the curtain. Yes, there are unpleasant circumstances that you were not aware of before. Most of them aren’t going to be resolved any time soon.

In some cases in the past, you could remove the problems. You could escape, and it was the right thing to do so. But what are you going to do when you cannot escape?

In times when it is better to stay and endure, we have the choice of remembering what the problem is or pretending it isn’t there. What option is going to serve you best today?

Discomfort does not mean life-threatening. Knowing the problem doesn’t mean instantly having it go away. The ability to accept what is until you can resolve it is such a power move. Once you dig in and get fully present, you will find the strength and confidence to do what you’re here to do. This is the way to achieve your desires.

9 of Earth promises the financial and physical abundance you’ve been seeking as you alchemize difficulty into harmony. Stick with it. This does get better, and the result is worth the process.

Did this resonate?

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-Elihu John

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