Collective Reading November 5-11: Stand In Your Power

This week is a call to gracefully stand up for what and who you truly believe in. I’m getting the image of an old wolf trying to keep younger wolves away from the pack’s food. This old wolf has made a living off refusing to share the hunt with the rest of the pack, but its days are numbered. It knows this. It thinks that if the pack were to realize how truly weak it is, they would have no problem pushing it aside to claim their fair share–refusing to allow it to have its share, too.

This is a projection. You know very well that if you were in charge, you would have compassion and offer every member of the pack what it needs to live. After all, the pack that hunts together and eats together is much more protected than a lone wolf. Stragglers create and attract competitors, bringing danger for all.

The old, exclusionary social order is very loud, but its teeth are falling out. Each time it bites, it loses teeth. In the past, these bites were fatal, but now they serve to bring down the very oppressors who attack. Smart old wolves may threaten to bite, but not follow through so long as their dignity remains intact. Your best bet as the young wolf is to stubbornly claim your share, while being mindful of the dignity of the old wolf. There are some battles that are worth your time and some that simply cause more battles. Choose wisely. You will never get the old wolf to admit it was wrong. All it has left is its image, and it will fight to save face every time.

Use your voice wisely. Speak your truth clearly, and with compassion. Stand your ground unabashedly and fairly. Cowering will not do.

When you hold your own space with true compassion, the majority of the pack will quietly accept it. If you are truly in the right, it’s time to start acting like it: don’t discredit yourself or shrink away from your place. No one is perfect, but you know how to check yourself, and you do so regularly. Your public image is important to build and maintain, and backed by your integrity. The old wolf fears losing public approval, because it knows that it can’t back its claims up without resorting to retaliation. Let go of these fears. They are not yours to fix.

It’s time to stand in your power.

With change comes the need to dig up and clear out old energy. This past retrograde and eclipse season has done a great job of bringing up and moving out what needs to leave so that we can meet the new with our own newness, but it has been A LOT for a lot of people. If you are not feeling quite ready to move forward and would like help, book an energy or tarot session. If you are in Utah, book an energy-integrated massage.

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