General Reading August 27- September 2: Steady Progress

Do you ever get started with something, get it going, and then panic, wondering what the next step is? You’ve come so far, and you did what you felt moved to do, but suddenly there is this lull, and now you’re reacting to that change with the coping tools you have.

A trauma response to this shift would be hypervigilance or worry, trying to fill the void because you feel like it’s weird. Trauma would say you’re forgetting something important and will pay for it dearly if you can’t figure out what you’re missing, but let’s not do that. It is better in this moment to take a deep breath and plan the next move.

You’re finally seeing what peace looks like. It’s not constant drama or constant action. Sometimes it’s a moment to pause. Sometimes it’s pruning back things that don’t work, taking stock of your direction, looking at the map. The breath between actions is important.

No, you’re not at the end of this project. That’s why it feels unfinished. You’ve started something new, even as you’re leaving the old behind. Keep looking forward and unburdening from the stuff that would slow your progress–worry/panic included.

It’s really going to be okay this time. The current step is to embrace the unfinished moment in confidence and awareness, believing that you will reach completion. As you have started the project, so will you complete it. Trust your process. Allow for nonjudgmental reflection. You’re learning as you go, improving where you need to, and you can do this without worry.

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