General Reading for August 20-26: A Better Direction

This week, there is an energy of, “Well, this is as bad as it gets.” Some people call it rock bottom, but we all know that there is an infinite ability for things to get worse. We have all proven, collectively, that–against all odds–it can get worse. In so many ways. But that is not what we are here to experience. So now that we know that, what is this week actually for?

This week is about you choosing to stop putting up with anything less than your greatest good. This is you saying, “I have decided that it will get better, because I’m ready to go in a better direction.”

The Universe is thrilled that you have decided to start going in a different direction. They loved and supported you before, of course, but they know you, and they know that you will find so much more enjoyment in chasing what could go right. This is a much better use of your time here in this body.

When you believe in your success, you act differently. You change your habits to reflect where you want to go, and you put eager effort into staying consistent. You dress for success. You pick up your feet instead of scuffing your heels. You have more enthusiasm and energy, even when dealing with frustration. Because you are focused on the progress, you see the problems as being smaller, so you treat them as minor inconveniences instead of signs of the times. Same problems, different response, therefore different outcome. It takes two to tango, after all.

There are reasons you got into a gloomy outlook, for sure. But as you heal, you remove those reasons from your present. The situation that started this pessimistic mindset you’re currently throwing off has passed. And if it hasn’t passed quite yet, it will because you’re removing it. You’re going to be okay.

Two weeks ago, the message was to take exhaustion off like a cloak. Exhaustion is a mindset. It doesn’t matter how much sleep you got if you dread getting up in the morning. You’re still going to feel tired. Not to say you shouldn’t sleep, and not to say getting enough sleep can’t help, but the most important factor in feeling refreshed is your mindset.

You don’t need evidence to change your mindset. There is so much evidence for every perspective that you can prove every perspective right–or wrong. So really, it just comes down to what you want to experience, and how you choose to get there.

Let yourself be happy. Let your life get better and better. You do deserve good things.

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