General Reading for August 6-12: The Finish Line

What good is emotional maturity if you never use it?

All the work you have been doing lately to build up your own character has been a means to an end–although it is nice to recall that growth is the goal of the journey in some ways. But that is beside the point. Right now, the Universe of Light urges you to give in to your deep desire to complete the task at hand.

Do the work. Complete the goal. Close the deal. You have been so weary of always searching and never finding. You have been painting a mural but losing sight of the blueprint. It’s as if you have gotten so lost in the weeds that you cannot remember what it feels like to know where you’re at. That mindset has its place in the long slog, but not at the finish line.

You are in sight of the finish line. In the past, you have relied on people cheering you from the sidelines, holding your vision as you trudged on blind. Now, you must awaken your inner vision and let it ignite you again. Remember why you started this in the first place. Remember what it feels like to succeed. You need that feeling to cross the finish line. Open your inner eyes and focus on the goal. It’s nice to have people cheering, but remember that you were the one who asked them to come cheer, not the other way around. Give them a good show.

The Universe knows you’re tired. It has witnessed every step you’ve taken. All it asks is that you set aside the tiredness and focus on the energy within you. Remember: you are an infinite being. You put on tiredness like a coat. You can take it off, when you reconnect with your Highest Self. You can put on any mood or energy in the Universe, without having your circumstances reflect it in the least. You just have to find the frequency or feeling of what you want.

In order to find the frequency, do something you love. You may be out of routine, or far away from something that you normally have at your fingertips. Spend that time you have been obligated to take cooling your heels doing what you can. Instead of moping about missed opportunities or a messed up schedule, check off your to do list in other ways. Find the aspect(s) of your life that you’ve been neglecting, and put your suddenly free energies to good use. Don’t waste time. Charge forward. This is the sprint at the end of the race, and it’s going to feel different. When you get across that finish line, that feeling is going to change again.

Maybe you can’t believe there are different ways to feel just yet, but remember that belief is what you have when you don’t know. And remember that there are people who have already crossed their finish lines and know how possible it is. Just because you can’t see it from here doesn’t mean it’s imaginary. Go prove that belief right.

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