General Reading for July 9-15: Embrace Your Imperfections

All this restriction you’ve been finding has been teaching you where you’re ready to heal. Read that again if necessary.

If you feel stalled, it is because you are getting ready to move forward. Much like placing a toy race car on a toy track in just the right alignment before pressing the button to launch it, you have been double and triple-checking your own alignment. Are you really ready? If you are just one hair’s breadth off, will you still make it? There is so much anxiety wrapped up in this.

Your doubt is placed in the wrong aspect, though. You have doubted yourself instead of doubting the interpretation of the circumstances you were surrounded by. In short, it wasn’t your worthiness that was in question, but rather the place of other people’s opinions and authority in your life. They claimed more weight than they ever really had, and you accepted it at the time because you didn’t know any better. I mean, you felt weird about it, but it was couched in so much other stuff that it was hard to distinguish. No wonder you take your time sifting through all the nuance; you want to see everything.

But you actually just need to trust your gut, whether or not you see and define that thing ringing your alarm bells. Your bells always respond accordingly. They aren’t false alarms, nor are they the full picture.

Listen, there is nothing that can truly tell you that what you deeply desire is not right for you. If you want it, go for it. If you go for it, expect it to work out and act as though it already has. If it doesn’t happen the way you anticipated, roll with it and keep believing. I’m talking about the things you desire that make you so happy that you forget what it feels like to be sad.

Which leads into the next point. There is a caution here to not allow guilt or disbelief to tell you to dwell in sadness. Your grief is real, even if it fades into the past. You don’t get anything good from holding onto it and dragging it forward with you. The loss is temporary. The love that allowed you to feel loss is always, always, always inside you. It’s okay to be happy AND have experienced grief. People talk about the difference between a victim identity and a survivor identity. Surviving means getting back into balance and thriving.

Be kind to yourself. This combination of blocks is the reason it hasn’t worked out yet, and clearing it is part of your process. You are not behind. You are fully supported and right on time for where you need to be. Not where you expected to be with the knowledge you had at the time, but where you really are. So keep expecting things to work out, and expect problems to be easily identified and dealt with when you are ready to address them.

It will be and has always been enough. You are able to proceed now, even if your trajectory isn’t 100%. Let’s go back to the race car on the track analogy. Each time you find something that isn’t working, you fix it and thereby correct your course just a bit more. So don’t let lack of perfection hold you back. You are really, really good at this, and the fact that you have come this far already is proof of that. No one who criticizes or measures from the sidelines ever truly knows what it’s like on the track. That includes previous versions of you. Grant yourself grace and perspective accordingly.

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