General Reading September 10-16: Enjoy the Ride

This week is another facet of exploring personal power. There are some things you can control. And then there are things you simply cannot. You need to choose whether you believe everything is conspiring for or against you, and run with it. The Universe runs in a very different way from the one we were taught in school. Things happen without our conscious knowledge all the time. We align with certain things and fall out of alignment with others. Each thing we align with gives us a new perspective on the Universe. It’s like playing parts in a theater, and seeing through different characters’ eyes.

You need to remember who you are, and that you are bigger than this tiny human body you’re in. You also need to remember that if you work with your innate self, instead of fighting against it, you will be much more effective in getting what you want. The time for big changes and breakthroughs is now, but the finer timing and nature of these changes depends on how easily you flow with them. Don’t be afraid of your good coming to you. Look for the ways in which you stand to benefit in all circumstances. Look for the simplified path if the complicated stuff exhausts you.

You can’t hold onto the cliff face under the waterfall and not expect to get battered. Ride the white water with loose muscles, and relax into it. This can be the most fun ride of your existence. The difference between excitement and terror is hope. If you expect everything to turn out right, the sudden drop off the edge is exhilarating. If you expect death, the sudden drop is seen as a precursor to pain and loss. Keep coming back to hope.

Spoiler alert: your life is continuing to get really good for you, and yes, it will all turn out right for you. Everything is going according to divine plan. You are doing well, and the Universe is working tirelessly behind the scenes to coordinate this ride for you. Your job is simply to let loose and enjoy the ride.

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