How Do General Tarot Readings Work?

If you have been on TikTok or another video platform and you like tarot, chances are you’ve seen people giving general readings. These apply to a certain collective, and are usually given the disclaimer, “Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.” But how does a general reading work? And can it really apply to several individuals?

Short answer: yes. Let me explain how.

Imagine you are making a painting or a mural. You have a general sketch that you put up on the canvas, and you fill it in from there. Depending on how many people are painting, you may have one or several color palettes. When the picture is finished, it more or less resembles the sketch, but better, more vibrant, and more nuanced than it appeared at first.

A general reading is much like a collective mural. The sketch is recorded in the collective energy, and as the reader connects with that energy, the message comes alive. Depending on how many people are connected to it, the perspective and the wording may change, but at the end of the day, it’s going to be the same picture.

So why should you tune into a collective reading versus a personal reading?

A personal reading is unique to you, but because you are part of a collective, you can find applications from a general reading. You can also gain insight from someone else’s perspective from a general reading. The term “rose-colored glasses” has a negative connotation, but it is the closest trope I can think of to describe what it’s like to look at the world from another’s eyes. When we see a problem from many angles, not only do we feel less alone, but we also gain the wisdom of others’ perspectives.

A general tarot reading is a collaboration of different people experiencing the same things from different angles. Astrology is a helpful means of grouping people together based on what they came to Earth to experience. Star Seeds are another helpful grouping. Brain types, LGBTQ+ labels, socio-economic demographics… all these things can help us understand who and where we are in the Universe, which then gives us people to associate with who look like we do. It can be an incredibly valuable thing, fitting into a group. But in the end, your journey is all your own, your labels do not fully define you, and your choices determine your path far more than any situation or grouping you have been given.

A collective reading is an efficient way of giving information to multiple people. A personal reading is tailored to you. Both are great tools to understand yourself, your world, and your path.

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